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Seismological Research Letters

Rodney Sauer brought this academic journal from pasted-up-on-laser-printer-output to a fully electronic, four-color process. Combining graphics, text, advanced mathematics, and tables from a wide variety of sources throughout the world, the process has been automated through scripting and style tags.

Evergreen Resarch, Inc.

Rodney Sauer has been assisting in a redesign of the Evergreen Research publicity materials.

SPS Studios

For an ongoing series of poetry test cards in the Blue Mountain Arts line, Rodney Sauer automated diverse aspects of typography and layout for efficiency, while maintaining crucial hands-on adjustments for artistic integrity.

The Colorado Directory

Rodney Sauer helped bring the annual directory on-line, writing programming procedures to import a complex database of intormation into a 64-page directory with informational tables and glyphs.

Book Publishing

As an expert in FrameMaker and InDesign publishing, Rodney Sauer has done book-composition and illustration work for Prentice-Hall, ComTech Services, and Wiley publishing.

CD and Video Artwork

Rodney Sauer is also well regarded for his unusual and eye-catching designs of CD covers and video sleeves.

RODNEY SAUER is a freelance graphic designer with extensive experience in science, communication, book publishing, and project management.

With graduate-level study in chemistry and biochemistry and a long interest in the printed word, Rodney Sauer is the ideal designer and compositor for technical material that rely on clarity and elegance.

With efficient use of modern software, Rodney Sauer combines efficient templates and use of scripting languages with the Adobe CS2 suite of applications to create reliable and smooth workflows for repeated publications.

An eye for occasional whimsy and an appreciation for the "less is more" Tuftean approach give Rodney Sauer's designs a modern, clean, but informed and elegant appearance on the page.