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Music Performance

On both piano and accordion, Rodney Sauer plays in a wide variety of genres of folk music, especially music for dancing. He is one of Colorado's longest-established contra dance pianists and accordionists, and is sought after for the variety he can bring to a "waltz night." He also has played for Scottish country dancing, English country dancing, and American ballroom dancing. He is also fluent in silent film accompaniment, with a large collection of "photoplay music," and he plays classical, trad jazz, and French musette as well.

For Rodney's silent film orchestra, visit the website for The Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra.

Music Recording and Transcribing Services

A life-long musician, Rodney Sauer has worked with groups ranging from small folk music ensembles to large orchestras. His home recording studio is targeted at small acoustic groups (like his Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra). He also was a very early adopter of music transcription software, and has decades of experience arranging, orchestrating, and producing printed music.